About us

Afrocoin Mobile Money is an innovative, secure, fast, convenient and low cost online money transfer company. We help people from all over to send money through our secure hubs in Australia, Canada and the UK to recipients in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our service is accessible via any internet connection, mobile phones, mobile devices and through calling our Customer Service line. When you send money with Afrocoin transferred funds are instantly deposited into recipients’ bank accounts or recipients can immediately pick up cash from our network of strategic bank partners and cash-out agents in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

At Afrocoin we are inspired by the African proverb that says it is best to do one thing really, really, well. We do money transfer using the latest and most secure technologies to give our customers the very best of service, security, speed, convenience and lower costs. Afrocoin draws significant strength from its dedicated team of developers, information technology engineers, financial professionals and business professionals who collectively pack over 110 years of versatile work experience gained in diverse theaters such as Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The diversity of our team and our multi-language Customer Service Policy (English, French, Chewa, Kalanga, Ndebele, Shona, Sotho, Tonga, Venda, Xhosa & Zulu) positions us as the best company to serve and celebrate the diversity of our customers and the richness of the cultures of the communities where we do business.

At Afrocoin, we acknowledge that ultimately, our business is simply about people helping people to share resources, connect and build bridges for better families, committed friends, empowered businesses and stronger communities. The world has indeed become a global village and we are excited to play our small part in helping you connect your resources with those that you hold dear.

Afrocoin Mobile Money Ltd (UK)
145 – 157 St. John Street, London
FCA License # 603815

Afrocoin International Mobile Money Limited (Canada)
2037 – 111 Street # 82026, Edmonton, Alberta T6J 4V0
FINTRAC License # M13255457